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Five online courses that can help you change career

Five online courses that can help you change career

Many workers are looking to change or improve their career prospects and finding the right course or training program can be tricky. Through looking at what job roles will be in demand in the coming years, we’ve ascertained that areas such as teaching, healthcare, veterinary medicine, engineering and computer programming will be at the top of the list. Each industry has various options to specialise in and a host of entry-level positions to get you started on a new career path.


With an ever-ageing worldwide population, it is no surprise that healthcare workers are in high demand. Many positions will need to be filled, such as doctors, registered nurses, physical therapists, paramedics and counsellors. 

Although these roles vary, some key attributes can be found in any good healthcare worker.

Key Attributes

Communication Skills

The ability to take in information quickly and accurately and being able to convey vital information in the same manner.

Attention to Detail

Be able to follow instructions precisely and act on them accordingly.

Patient Empathy

Have an understanding of what patients are dealing with and be able to guide them where possible. 

Flexibility and Endurance

Working in healthcare is not always a nine-to-five job and long, unsociable working hours are often required.

The benefits of working in health care include solid career prospects with strong opportunities to progress, a good salary by national average standards and plenty of chances for job fulfilment.

Becoming certified as a healthcare professional can be achieved by attending traditional brick & mortar institutions or opting for the convenience of an online course. Crucially, these courses offer students practical work placement opportunities alongside theoretical learning to further cement their knowledge and prepare them for their professional career.

Civil Engineering

In Australia, there has been a consistently high demand for civil engineers. Civil engineers take care of the conception, design, building and operation of  major transport routes, dams, bridges, ports, water management systems and other large  projects. 

Most civil engineers are active in  specialised fields like construction, geothermal energy, hydraulics and transport.

Key Attributes


A strong background in maths and physics is essential as attention to detail is key to the role.

Creative thinkers

The ability to overcome problems as they arise  through the use of innovative techniques.


Dealing with multiple contractors and parties during a project requires good leadership and communication skills.

Decision Making

Capability in analysing data and problems to make  solid decisions that keep a project on track.

For highly skilled engineers, there are excellent wages and opportunities to travel and gain more responsibility as you progress. 

For those with a good level of mathematics, physics and English, there are free starter courses online where you can get a basic understanding of some of the specialised areas within civil engineering. If you are still studying, speak to an advisor and focus on the core subjects of maths and physics to give yourself a good start. 

Software Development

As the world has progressed to using websites and computer programs to complete transactions, we have seen a massive surge in the need for skilled and capable software developers. There is no part of daily life which is untouched by software, from starting your car to booking a holiday. 

Key Attributes

Time Management

Due to the nature of the role, where typing code can be a solitary position, the need for personal discipline and the ability to meet deadlines are crucial. 

Communication skills

Having the ability to accurately discuss projects with involved parties accurately is essential in keeping time waste to a minimum.

Technical expertise

The experience of using multiple tools to streamline a project and analyse their effectiveness.


Being able to polish off a project to ensure it is ready for use in high end, profitable markets.

The sky is the limit for software developers - the three largest companies in the world actively leverage workers in this profession, with this trend being unlikely to change. High wages and opportunities to work from home, along with an increasing demand for skilled workers, make this one of the most interesting, recession-proof sectors in the labour market. 

Online courses are available to those who are looking to see if it is the best career choice for them, while master’s degrees are an option for students with previous experience.  


Education is one of the fastest expanding sectors, and there is little chance of this growth slowing down. Educating future generations can be a rewarding job choice for those with the right skills and attitude. Plenty of opportunities are available in teaching, from preschool level up to university.

Key Attributes

Good education

High level of education in chosen teaching areas and an eagerness to expand knowledge.

Communication skills

The ability to communicate effectively with children and young adults to evaluate their needs and help them grow.

Clear and concise

Excellent presentation skills with the ability to explain concepts to students through clear instruction and direction.

Teachers can benefit from steady career prospects and opportunities for advancement. Entry level teachers gain a good starting salary that has scope to increase annually. Having the chance to help young students progress their grades will give any education worker the kind of job satisfaction that is not found in many other vocations. There are courses available online to start a career in education.

Veterinary Medicine

With almost half of the population owning a pet, it is no surprise that veterinarians are (and will continue to be) in high demand. Any family who owns a pet wants to make sure they are getting the best care, which is why working in animal welfare continues to be an important profession.

Key Attributes

Accurate with information

Methodical thinker with a keen eye for detail and the ability to precisely follow procedures. 

Communication skills

Proficient in communicating technical details and  accurately recording information.

Willingness to upskill

An eagerness to continue  learning, as new treatments and procedures become available every day that require your proficiency.


Unlike humans, patience with animals needs to be taken to the next level. Enhanced patience is required as an animal can’t simply tell you where the pain is or what ailments they might have.

Although salaries for veterinarians can be excellent, the real benefit of the job is working closely with animals and their owners. As the public continues to own family pets, the need for  professionals in the sector will keep growing. A high level of education is needed, and you can find starter courses to set you off in the right direction.

Other options

Australia has a skilled labour list for foreign nationals  which still seeks architects, accountants, tax specialists, mechanics and many other careers. There are plenty of opportunities to gain qualifications in your desired field and make a career out of it.

For more hands-on job seekers, courses and apprenticeships in carpentry, plumbing or roofing are available to give you training in a lifelong trade. 

Regardless of your chosen career, you will find plenty of free courses online to assist you in  your quest to discover a rewarding career path.