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Q&A with Hailey Wynd from Whittlesea Pacers

In this three-part series, we have a chat with some rising stars at Whittlesea City Basketball Association. This month, we met Hailey Wynd to talk basketball, education and the intersection between the two.  

Hi! Please tell us a bit about yourself — what you do for work and where you study?

My name is Hailey Wynd, I’ve just finished high school at Assumption College Kilmore. I’m planning on going to university to study a course in something that I like and interests me.

 How long have you been playing basketball, and how long have you been with Whittlesea Pacers?

 I’ve been playing basketball since I was 6 years old and have been part of Whittlesea Pacers for a couple of years now.

 Tell us a bit about your team!

In the upcoming 2020 season, I’ll be playing with the Whittlesea State Champ Women's team.  We’ve been training since November and it seems the team is going to be much stronger than it was last year. The overall enthusiasm and talent of the girls are improving each with training session thanks to our coach, Damon Lowery.

What's your favourite thing about playing for the Pacers?

The overall environment of the club and how they make any new player feel welcomed and comfortable.

What have you learnt in school that helped you become the player you are today?

My schooling at Assumption College has developed me into the person I am today — both on and off the court — the main skill is the development in my leadership skills. This helped shape who I am today, as I have the confidence to speak up and support my team.

Did you find your school was supportive of students who were interested in sport? What do you think is the best thing a school can do to support kids who love basketball?

My school was very supportive when it came to people who were interested in sports, including basketball. There were a wide variety of teams that students could try out for, with all abilities or ages, to make them feel comfortable.

How has playing for the Pacers (or basketball in general) made you a better student or worker?

Playing for the Pacers has taught me about taking responsibility and owning what duty or expectation to perform at, as this has really helped me through my studies. Also, to take pride in the work I do and take responsibility to learn and study for exams and tests.

Biggest basketball highlight?

My school basketball team won the Australian Marist Basketball carnival this year, going undefeated the whole tournament.

Who’s your sporting hero and why?

My dad Scott Wynd, because his story shows that hard work from a young age does pay off, and his constant mindset of putting 110% is inspiring.

What do you do when you’re not playing basketball?

I’m either relaxing at home with all my dogs or cooking a sweet or savoury meal.

What are your hopes for the Pacers next in 2020?

To gain experience playing at a higher level against bigger and harder bodies and evolving my game to prepare and develop me for my future in basketball.

Any advice for people wanting to join the Pacers?

Just go for it — the moment you step into the stadium, it’s a completely different environment to what you may expect. It is such a welcoming positive warm place where they offer anyone a chance to get involved with the Pacers Pack.

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