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What to do at White Night Melbourne

White Night has become an integral fixture on the Victorian calendar since its inception in 2013, taking over Melbourne, and more recently, Ballarat, Geelong and Bendigo on 17 February. The evening features an eclectic mix of art and music, encompassing puppetry, projections and performances.

The program includes over 100 different works, which unfortunately means you won't be able to see them all. To help you streamline the process of deciding how to spend your time, we've selected five performances you won't want to miss.


A blend of the past and future, a giant, illuminated species known as Technosaurus will roam Melbourne on White Night, changing colours as they interact with each other and their surroundings. The installation will take place in the Carlton Gardens and will also feature at Ballarat White Night.

Story Wall

RMIT University will host a series of animations that will be projected onto the facades of the CBD campus. Put together by Bachelor of Design (Animation and Interactive Media) students, alumni and staff, each contributor is allocated a minute of the soundtrack to choose their own music. 

The Was

A unique collaboration between art collective Soda_Jerk and electronic music act The Avalanches, The Was is a 14-minute psychedelic journey containing more than 100 film samples set against the backdrop of Wildflower, the latest album from The Avalanches.

Neon Dog Park

Melbourne artist Carla O'Brien is the brains behind this unique installation which will see dogs on wire mesh and metal frames made from LED Neon Flex - a revolutionary alternative to glass neon - roaming, fetching balls and wagging their tales throughout the Queen Victoria Gardens.

Past Legacy: Present Tense

An exhibition from contemporary Indigenous artists, Past Legacy: Present Tense features a collection of works that transform everyday objects of a bygone era into something distinctly modern. Visionary paintings of Tiger Palpatja and photography from the likes of Michael Cook, Ricky Maynard and Robert Fielding are highlights.

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