How to become a Transport Manager

Transport managers organise and control the operations of a transportation business.

Personal requirements of a Transport Manager

  • Good organisational and managerial skills
  • able to work under pressure
  • good communication skills.

Duties & Tasks of a Transport Manager

Transport managers may perform the following tasks:

  • organise the purchase and maintenance of transport vehicles, equipment and fuel
  • talk to clients to determine their requirements
  • devise and put into place transportation schedules and receive orders and bookings
  • ensure goods are stored and transported in conditions that will maintain their quality
  • arrange collection and delivery of vehicles and goods
  • provide vehicles for hire or charter
  • introduce and maintain quality control procedures
  • determine ways to reduce transport and energy costs
  • provide planning, scheduling and route management systems and processes that improve customer service
  • organise and arrange promotional campaigns for the transportation of goods
  • understand and rigorously enforce Chain of Responsibility laws.

Working conditions for a Transport Manager

Transport managers spend most of their day in the office, although they may be required to inspect operations from time to time. On these occasions, they may be exposed to dusty and noisy conditions.

Avg. weekly wage:


Future growth:


Employment by state:

ACT 2.8%

NSW 33%

NT 1.2%

QLD 18.7%

SA 6.9%

TAS 1.7%

VIC 24.7%

WA 10.9%

Hours worked:



Lower unemployment

Gender split:

Male 79%

Female 21%

Education level:

Highest qualification is secondary school: 12.6%

Highest qualification is a Certificate 3 or 4: 33.9%

Highest qualification is a Diploma or Advanced Diploma: 19.1%

Highest qualification is a Bachelor degree: 15.8%

Highest qualification is a Postgraduate Diploma or Graduate Certificate: 7.4%

Age brackets:

15-19 - 0.1%

20-24 - 6.1%

25-34 - 26.8%

35-44 - 22.6%

45-54 - 19.5%

55-59 - 8.2%

60-64 - 7.1%

65 and Over - 9.5%

*The data above is sourced from the Department of Employment’s Job Outlook website.

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