How to become a Engineering Manager

Engineering managers plan, administer and review engineering and technical operations.

Personal requirements of a Engineering Manager

  • Interested in technical and engineering activities
  • able to grasp concepts and think creatively
  • able to identify, analyse and solve problems
  • good interpersonal skills
  • good communication skills
  • able to accept responsibility.

Duties & Tasks of a Engineering Manager

Engineering managers may perform the following tasks:

  • direct the formulation of engineering strategies, policies and plans
  • ensure quality, cost, safety, timelines and performance standards are met
  • interpret plans, drawings and specifications
  • provide advice on engineering methods and procedures to achieve construction and production requirements
  • liaise with marketing, research and manufacturing managers concerning engineering aspects of new construction and product design
  • determine and put into place project and work schedules and budgets
  • ensure conformity with specifications and plans, as well as with laws, regulations and safety standards
  • oversee maintenance requirements to optimise efficiency
  • control engineering staff selection and training
  • coordinate the activities of engineering staff
  • contribute to research and development projects.

Working conditions for a Engineering Manager

Although engineering managers may spend many hours in the office, they are also required to spend time on site supervising progress.

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