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Five reasons why: Law and paralegal studies

Five reasons why: Law and paralegal studies

The Good Universities Guide has launched Five Reasons Why, a series of blogs and articles dedicated to providing prospective students with insights into choosing their future profession. Each piece reveals five key reasons you should consider a career in a particular field, including everything from study duration and subject variety to job prospects and median salaries. 

Working in the legal sector can be demanding but it also has the potential to be extremely rewarding. If you thought it was limited to arguing in a courtroom, think again – law and paralegal studies has seen some interesting changes in recent years. 

Prestige and reputation

With the decline of traditional industries and the advent of new occupations, there is a constantly evolving perception of jobs. Tech might be booming right now but a decade ago, it was not held in the same esteem as it is in 2018. Working in the legal sphere, on the other hand, has long been associated with wealth and success, and this remains the case today. 

Great pay 

While a median salary of $60,000 four months after graduating is solid when compared to other professions, it’s years down the track that legal workers start to get ahead financially. You only need take a look at solicitors, whose weekly wage is just shy of $2,000. 


Law and paralegal studies offer students an enviable blend of theoretical and practical learning. While there are plenty of textbooks to mull over, there is also the opportunity to practice courtroom scenarios and compete with fellow students. 

Jobs aren’t disappearing

The last thing you want is to choose a career path, get to the end of your degree and realise there are very few jobs available. According to Job Outlook, future growth is stable for conveyancers and legal professionals, moderate for solicitors and strong for barristers. 

It’s an exciting time for the legal industry

The legal sector is in the midst of significant change, much of which has been driven by technological advancement. Increased expenditure on cybersecurity, the use of artificial intelligence and NewLaw (firms designed around virtual work spaces) are all examples of how the legal sphere is constantly evolving. 


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