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Cartographic Technician

Cartographic technicians assist cartographers with the analysis of field survey and land management data, aerial photographs and other geographic information sources to prepare maps, plans, charts and diagrams.

Theatrical Costume Maker and Designer

Theatrical costume makers and designers undertake or coordinate the design, manufacture and purchase of costumes for television, film and stage productions.


A craftsperson designs, makes and repairs objects that have both functional and artistic qualities, working with wood, metal, glass, leather, ceramics, textiles and other materials.

Gaming Worker

Gaming workers provide gamblers with gaming services in casinos and other gambling establishments.

Specialisations: Croupier Gaming Machine Worker

Cultural Heritage Officer

Cultural heritage officers are involved in the identification, assessment, conservation and interpretation of places and objects that have cultural heritage value.

Film and Television Camera Operator

Film and television camera operators set up, position and operate equipment in studios or on location to photograph or record people, events and scenes. Film camera operators use 16mm and 35mm film cameras or digital video for motion pictures, whereas television and video camera operators use cine-electronic television or digital video and video cameras for direct telecast and recording.

Specialisations: Director of Photography


Engravers cut letters, figures and designs on metal, glass, wood, rubber, plastic and other surfaces.

Specialisations: Hand Engraver Industrial Engraver

Film and Television Editor

Film and television editors edit and assemble films and videos from raw, unedited footage ('dailies' or 'rushes'), taking into account the mood, pace and climax of films or television productions.

Film and Television Lighting Operator

Film and television lighting operators position, set up and operate lighting equipment to light sets or studios during stage performances, television broadcasts or film productions. Film and television lighting operators are responsible, both creatively and technically, for lighting interior and exterior scenes and must achieve desired effects through the placement, intensity and colour of lighting.

Film and Television Producer's Assistant

Film and television producers' assistants provide technical and other assistance for the production, recording and/or broadcasting of artistic performances, news, sports and special events.

Specialisations: Film and Television Producer

Film, Stage and Television Director

Film, stage and television directors direct the overall production, or specific aspects of the production, of films, television programs or stage shows. They have the final responsibility for making sure that everything is ready to be filmed or performed.


Florists prepare floral arrangements such as bouquets, sprays, wreaths and vases of flowers. They also organise the storage, sale and delivery of floral arrangements.