How to become a Survey Researcher

A survey researcher designs and conducts surveys, then provides analysis of the collected data. These surveys can cover a wide range of areas, including employment information, socio-economic status, and anything that a company may want to know about its audience.

Personal requirements of a Survey Researcher

Duties & Tasks of a Survey Researcher

A survey researcher:

  • Design questionnaires and select sample groups to survey
  • Collect facts from sources (such as company records) showing the total volume of sales, or from government statistics and information (such as population census data)
  • Arrange and analyse collected information
  • Interpret and predict current and future consumer trends, such as changes in tastes and lifestyles
  • Write reports about the results of research activities
  • Discuss information needs with clients
  • Identify specific consumer markets for clients.

Working conditions for a Survey Researcher

Most survey researchers work for research firms, corporations, universities, and government agencies.

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