How to become a Security Adviser

Security advisers assess risks, advise clients on security requirements, and design and recommend security systems to meet security requirements.

Personal requirements of a Security Adviser

  • A sound character with no criminal or other convictions that would prevent them from obtaining or holding a licence
  • good communication and observation skills
  • able to accept responsibility
  • able to maintain control and composure in difficult situations.

Duties & Tasks of a Security Adviser

Security advisers may perform the following tasks:

  • carry out threat assessments on properties or companies
  • assess existing security systems
  • make recommendations to improve security
  • design security systems to meet requirements
  • check security installations to make sure they comply with regulations
  • carry out electronic debugging or information security operations
  • carry out internal audits or other security functions within organisations
  • evaluate security system tenders.

Working conditions for a Security Adviser

Security advisers should have knowledge about the range of security equipment available, including electronic and electrical surveillance systems and closed-circuit TV (CCTV), as well as knowledge about simple electronic principles and terminating techniques. They must also understand the principles of operation and characteristics of controllers, detectors, relays, sirens, screamers and telephone circuits.\par \par Security advisers are often on call after hours and on weekends. They have considerable contact with customers in businesses and in private homes.

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