How to become a Project and Program Administrator

Project and program administrators plan and administer programs, special projects and support services, including management or staff. Project and program administrators can work for either public or private sector organisations. They are responsible for ensuring that projects such as major building and construction or information technology infrastructure, or programs such as new government policies, are designed and completed on time and within budget.

Personal requirements of a Project and Program Administrator

  • Time management skills
  • good leadership skills
  • good interpersonal and communication skills
  • financial awareness and ability to manage finances
  • sound judgment and analytical skills
  • able to work under pressure and adhere to strict deadlines.

Duties & Tasks of a Project and Program Administrator

Project and program administrators may perform the following tasks:

  • direct and coordinate the activities of a range of units within an organisation in order to meet organisational objectives
  • respond to enquiries and resolve problems concerning services within their area of responsibility
  • prepare reports about the organisation's activities and program or project achievements
  • monitor the gathering and analysis of information about the projects undertaken
  • advise senior management about matters requiring attention and implement management decisions
  • administer the work undertaken by contractors
  • review and develop administrative systems and procedures
  • determine the risks associated with a project, (such as financial risks), and implement strategies to reduce these risks
  • determine project or program costs, develop a budget plan and monitor ongoing costs
  • determine the scope and size of the project and the requirements for each stage or aspect of the project
  • decide on a timeline and schedule for the project and ensure that all targets are met
  • monitor the quality performance of a program or project.

Working conditions for a Project and Program Administrator

They are often based in offices located within or close to the project or program they are managing. They may be required to travel to visit different project sites.

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